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Colette Redux

August 14, 2009

Sometimes the sweater models that I use for shows get a little shopworn and need to be replaced.

In knitting up the Colette Jacket again, I decided to change the yarn to something with a loftier hand in a deeper color.coletteoceana1  

Here is Colette just yesterday as I finished up the last sleeve and  had pressed the pieces.  The color is called Oceana.

And here she is today:


She knitted up ultra-fast in only 5 1/2 days of very casual knitting and with the new yarn was far more economical than the one I formerly offered for this style.  The old yarnpack was $73 USD  in this size ( 35″  bust ), but in our new Cascade Soft Spun is only $41.25 USD. 

Who can’t use a little price break in today’s economy? And I can’t think of anything else to do that’s this much fun for under $50!