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Fashion Conscience

April 3, 2011

I love to read fashion blogs and it’s interesting to note how the proliferation of blogs from all over the world are leading to a sort of homogenization of fashion. So with that, I can say that the following observation is not just an American thing; it is showing up everywhere.

It’s been an unusually cold winter across the entire US and Europe this year, and with that has come something we’ve not seen in some time. Fur. On the street. Worn casually.

I’m not sure if this is a generational thing or if PETA is finally losing some of it’s militant grip on the conscience of the public, but I am surprised to see this and have a somewhat divided opinion on the matter.

I can argue the fur issue either way, but what really irritates me about this is the hypocrisy around it.

Many people I personally know wear leather, eat meat, fowl and fish, feed their pets commercial foods (which contain meat products) and yet are vehemently anti-fur. I find this emotion based stance completely illogical. I think the reason that this position isn’t more deeply explored is that once the issues are looked at in the cold light of day, it would take a major shift in lifestyle to support these emotional decisions; a place most of these folks are obviously, judging by their choices in food and dress, unwilling to go.

I think the bottom line is that if we all had to hunt or raise and kill our own food, not only would vastly more people become vegetarian, those who were not wouldn’t waste even a scrap of the animals they consume. In that case NOT wearing fur would be seen as despicable. But as it is, we have hired guns known as farmers to do the dirty job so it’s easy to chastely enjoy the spoils and fling mud at the fur industry.

So, what do YOU think?
Has the politically incorrect-ness of wearing fur worn off?

Vintage Fashionista

December 24, 2008

It’s been a year since my mom passed and we all  miss her terribly, especially at this time of year. But I had to smile at some of the photos that my brother scanned and sent me recently.

Mom did love her fashion and the 40’s was ( in my opinion ) the best decade in the 20th century for women’s styles.

So in honor of  Mrs. White,  I’d like to share some of her wartime vintage chic .  

ETA:  To satisfy the curious, most of these photos were taken in San Francisco, on or about Alabama Street where Mom’s family lived.  The last photo was taken in Yosemite, where you can see Half-Dome in the background.


I love you, mom.