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Double Duty Knits: Zelda

November 25, 2014

For our next installment of Double Duty Knits here on the blog, I am happy to present the Zelda pullover!

The 40’s silhouette is shapely and girly; great to wear for casual or dressy occasions.


Meet the New Girls!

May 24, 2013

They’re girly and pretty and ready for your Summer and Early Fall knitting!KateGillian

Kate and Gillian are my newest styles for WLD!  See both here and start knitting up a storm!

We also now have selected PDF patterns available in our Etsy Shop.



Styling Guide: Shana for Fall

October 30, 2012

Wearing a knitted skirt can be not only flattering, but so comfortable too.

The softness and drape of a knit skirt looks great on most figures, and the warmth is always welcome when temperatures drop.

When planning a skirt, do not forget to choose a springy yarn like Cascade 220 to guard against a baggy booty.

In cooler weather, I also like to wear opaque support hose under my knitted skirts for a smooth line from hips to toe. They eliminate lumps and bumps and make me feel more secure and well…supported, as if I’m not jiggling like jello under my knit skirt.

Shana is a perfect example of how great looking a knitted skirt can be. The trumpet shape visually balances out larger hips and the pretty lace detailing adds interest to a flat stockinette knit. I also love the sophisticated pairing of Old Rose and Black.

Styling Guide- Burlesque Beauty

July 19, 2012

I love that Burlesque has re-emerged in popularity (thanks Dita!) and have put together a Styling Guide to celebrate it’s return. Knit up our sexy Trish Corselette and Madeline wrap, then accessorize with items from around the web. (The huge ostrich feather fan is so awesome!!)

Vintage Button Brooches-Upcycle

July 9, 2012

Vintage button brooches

I love to collect old buttons, buckles and whatnot and glue them together to make brooches to wear on my coat or jean jacket. They’d be cute on a hat or bag, too!

This weekend I was lucky enough to find a bagful of bakelite buckles at a yard sale. I stacked them and glued a button on top of each as shown, then glued on pinbacks.

Regular Crazy Glue doesn’t work well in glueing these types of materials (plastics, metal, Bakelite) together, but I found a gel-type Super Glue that is great for little projects like this.

It helps to roughen up the surfaces to be joined with an emery board, glue them together, then tiptoe away and don’t disturb the project for a few hours.

The Retro Suit- Bringing Back Elegance

May 3, 2012

In my mom’s day, if you knitted (which practically everyone did) then somewhere along the way you’d knit yourself a suit.

At the time you might have done that on very tiny needles and it likely would have taken the better part of six months to complete.
However, when finished you’d have a beautiful addition to your wardrobe and if you were careful with storing it you’d probably keep it for many, many years as she did and proudly show it off to anyone interested. I found it amazing that anyone could have the patience to do such an involved and seemingly endless project.

Since I am so enamored of vintage fashions, I decided to give a nod to the days when knitters proudly wore their suits to any and every fancy or dressed up occasion. In these times when it is becoming increasingly popular to go out in public like this, it is a joy to see a woman taking enough pride in her appearance and talent to create and accessorize a beautiful outfit like the Retro Suit.
If you’re a real vintage afficionado, there is no better place than Ebay for a selection of vintage accessories, many of them quite affordable (the 40’s hat in my Styling Guide below went for a mere $24.99).

Angelina Shrug Workshop

February 9, 2012

In case you’ve not seen the new book “My Grandmother’s Knitting” (STC 2011), I’ve got a design included in it named for my mom, the Angelina Shrug.

Knitique of Elk Grove California will be hosting a series of workshops with me in March, 2012 to get just the perfect fit for this pretty, versatile garment. Wear it over a sleeveless dress, jeans and a tee or whenever the air conditioning gets a bit raucous in the office.

Did you ever wish you had the designer of your knitting project standing over your shoulder to help? With these workshops, that’s exactly what you’ll get! I’ll guide you along every step of the way from choosing the right yarn and color to showing you any tweaking tips needed for a custom fit.

Clarissa Styling Guide

December 14, 2011

It’s been a while since we posted a new styling guide and today Clarissa is the lucky girl.

My dad was a Navy man in WW2, so I have a soft spot for sailor pants on both guys and gals. If a blue jean can be elegant then these certainly are, especially when paired with the lovely Clarissa cardigan and a gaggle of beautiful accessories.

I must point out the Italian millefiori ceramic mosaic brooch worn at the neck of Clarissa; a vintage find on EBay. It’s amazing to find lovely folk art such as this for under $20.

Finally! Fashion for the common gal!

January 18, 2011

I have to say that I love fashion.

I love to receive the phone-book sized issue of Vogue every September and pore over it’s pages. I watch every episode of Project Runway and What Not To Wear. I read fashion blogs and watch videos of the current collections. I go to the mall for nothing more than to look at clothes and see what’s new in colors, shapes and fabrics.

As much as I love fashion, I  find it ironic that I seldom see anything that truly translates into my own life. I am five-foot-two, somewhat overweight ( in an hourglass-shaped, pin-up girl kind of way) and come from French/Italian peasant stock meaning that my family is a sturdy lot. There is nothing about me that resembles a runway model, and yet I look at all these fashion-y things and dream.

But darlings, this season something was different. My January issue of Vogue arrived and lo; it contained not just the usual teeny dresses, short skirts and skinny jeans. There were also several very wearable (even by the short-legged likes of me!) pant outfits as seen below:

Then in a Gap ad:

Then finally, spotted and photographed in the wild on one of my favorite fashion blogs, the Sartorialist:

Color me thrilled!  Yes, I wore pants like these in the 70’s as a very young woman and I normally don’t find the need to repeat fashions ( 80’s leggings are just one of the items that will never grace my body again), but this is something I can get my teeth into.  A gracefully flared pant or jean with a romantically tailored top or jacket (or sweater, of course) can literally go anywhere, any time.

And of course, you must have the appropriate  Kork-Ease shoes to complete the look:

Now I can die happy………. : )

Brave New Knits!: 26 Projects and Personalities from the Knitting Blogosphere

December 12, 2010

There are a lot of knitting books out there that seem to be gone as soon as they arrive, but this, my knitting friends, will not be one of them. Author Julie Turjoman has carefully culled twenty six of the very  best designers from the blogging world and written excellent, in-depth interviews with all .

I am so pleased to be included (she made me sound far more fascinating than I am, the sign of a really good writer!) among such luminaries as Shannon Okey, Nora Gaughan, Ysolda ,Wendy Bernard and Jared Flood who also took the gorgeous photos.

Shown here is my Kimberley cardigan; a glam little short-sleeved lovely just waiting for some pinup-princess to slip her on with a grey pencil skirt and wow everyone at the office.

Get your copy at .