Knit an Underwire Bra! (No, I’m not kidding…)

Maybe you think that this comes under the category of just-because-you-can-doesn’t-mean-you-should, but think again.

This is an actual, functional bra with adjustable straps and underwires that give support. It comes in real-life bra sizes from 32A to 38D and even comes with a matching panty with a full-cut back.

When the model in the photo below put the bra on for this photo shoot, she exclaimed, “OMG, this is the nicest bra I’ve ever worn! Great support!”.

Until Sept. 23rd,2014, buy the kit for this set and get the pattern and complete assembly instructions for FREE!


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5 Comments on “Knit an Underwire Bra! (No, I’m not kidding…)”

  1. Cathryn Says:

    I love what you do with your knitting designs, except for one thing. Would it be at all possible to design your bras in bigger sizes? For example, I’m a DD. Most of the bras available in my size are rather granny-ish in appearance (plain, sturdy, functional, but not at all pretty). Big girls like pretty lingerie as well. Please help, if it’s possible.

    • joanmm Says:

      Catherine, I feel your pain as I too wear a 34H bra and it’s very hard to find pretty bras in that size that don’t break the bank.
      That said, I have to tell you why that’s the case. Once bra sizes get beyond a D cup, the garment must be engineered to support literally pounds of flesh. This requires copious development with many fittings and specialized materials (powernet,wider straps,boning, etc) that simply do not come into play with smaller sizes.
      Bra manufacturers must consider the bottom line when offering these sizes, which is why you pay so much more for them.
      With regard to knitting a bra for larger sizes, there are many reasons that it isn’t feasible for me to put the effort into doing this kind of development. Here are just a few:
      -I find that enough knitters do not have the sufficient advanced sewing skills to assemble the finished pieces and install the hardware in a way that will render a functional garment.
      -I have doubts as to whether the available yarns for this type of project will do what I need with regard to support.
      – Large breasts vary so much in shape, projection, etc that fitting a garment like this would be a nightmare and again, beyond the skills that your average knitter possesses.

      So I hope you understand that while it is certainly possible to knit a larger bra that works as a one-off project, it is not feasible financially or practically for me as a designer to tackle such an endeavor. It just makes more sense to invest my time in producing items that will have appeal for a wider audience.

      • Cathryn Says:

        I did not realize so much was involved! Thanks for answering me, and for letting me know. I guess if I want pretty bras, I should dust off my sewing machine and hone my skills! Thanks again, and your work is lovely to look at.

  2. viv Says:

    Hi. First, i love and own many of your patterns.
    I got exited when i read Cathryn’s question. And,I can fully appreciate your answer.
    That said, I am a 42 H. I would love to be able to knit a fitted bust top for a camisole to hide my ugly bra. Are there any resources you can think of that would help calculate darts needed.I know it would not be a one size fits all but it would be a start that i could then adjust.
    Any help would be appreciated

    • joanmm Says:

      The definitive answer to this would be for you to take my class on Feminine fit. I cover in detail how to go about measuring for the addition of short rows no matter what size bra you wear, as well as plenty of other tweaks that will help you to refine your fit.You can watch over and over; the class is yours to watch forever. Here’s a link that will get you in for 50% off.

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