Knit to Fit- Part 2

Fit problem#2:

Hem of garment rides up in the front.


Addition of short rows solves bust fitting issues.

Addition of short rows solves bust fitting issues.

 If you have a larger bust and have tried to fit it into ready-to-wear clothing, it is no surprise that sporting anything larger than a B cup bra size is going to be trouble when knitting as well. We most often notice this, of all places, at the hemline of the garment when it pulls upward.

  What is going on here is that there is not enough length to go over the breasts and keep the hemline even all the way around the body.

   The fix for this is short rows. Rows are worked across the width of the bust, but stopped short of the side seams, which creates more length within the fabric only where it is needed. 

I offer a free pattern called “The Shapely Tank” on my webpage which walks the knitter through the technique of adding short rows to a simple tank top for a perfect fit.

Find it here: , and keep a copy in your knitting bag for reference. Once this simple fix is mastered, it can be applied to almost any sweater.


By the way, I’ve just posted two new styles over at my website.

The lovely and dressy Kate Pullover, and Gillian, a floral embroidered Tee.


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3 Comments on “Knit to Fit- Part 2”

  1. Pat Says:

    Joan, I have a problem with fit because I am narrow shouldered, short waisted, and anything with a scoop neck also reveals more than I care to have shown. Then from the waist down I am wider than the average bear, partially due to heredity and partially due to having had abdominal cancer surgery which left me with a condition known as lymphedema from the waist down. Buying for myself is a problem as my fit is all over the place. I need to learn how to shorten the hems while re-doing the shoulders and neckline. I am average busted. I also have the stooped shoulder problem where the neckline goes wonky. If I dress to fit the bottom half, the top half falls off.

    • joanmm Says:

      Pat, we’ll be addressing a number of your issues in upcoming Knit to Fit installments, so make sure you’re subscribed to this blog.

  2. Nico Says:

    Your articles are so useful. I never thought that women with big breats must knit their sweaters a little different to make them fit, as I have a B cup. I will definitely visit your blog again.

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