Ease on in to Fall….Please?

It has been a hellacious Summer for those of us in the US and the strange weather continues on.

Personally, I just melt in the heat. I like to park myself in front of the air conditioner with a new project and let my mind wander somewhere other than the thermometer.
Knitting up the model for Oletta was the perfect place for it to go.

She’s made in a cool, cotton and Modal blend so wasn’t hot in my lap. The bodice shaping gave me something to think about, but when I became tired of thinking the simple lace pattern was so easy to memorize I didn’t have to even look at the directions again until almost finished. Before I knew it she was done and I had this beautiful top to show for my time. Sometimes you just need the perfect blend of mindful and mindless knitting (a peach margarita doesn’t hurt either) and the promise of a cool evening yet to come. Oletta will be there for you to wear when it does.


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One Comment on “Ease on in to Fall….Please?”

  1. Suzy Says:

    The Oletta pattern is now in my queue and is saved as a fav on Ravelry. I MUST purchase and knit this soon — very pretty!

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