Finally! Fashion for the common gal!

I have to say that I love fashion.

I love to receive the phone-book sized issue of Vogue every September and pore over it’s pages. I watch every episode of Project Runway and What Not To Wear. I read fashion blogs and watch videos of the current collections. I go to the mall for nothing more than to look at clothes and see what’s new in colors, shapes and fabrics.

As much as I love fashion, I  find it ironic that I seldom see anything that truly translates into my own life. I am five-foot-two, somewhat overweight ( in an hourglass-shaped, pin-up girl kind of way) and come from French/Italian peasant stock meaning that my family is a sturdy lot. There is nothing about me that resembles a runway model, and yet I look at all these fashion-y things and dream.

But darlings, this season something was different. My January issue of Vogue arrived and lo; it contained not just the usual teeny dresses, short skirts and skinny jeans. There were also several very wearable (even by the short-legged likes of me!) pant outfits as seen below:

Then in a Gap ad:

Then finally, spotted and photographed in the wild on one of my favorite fashion blogs, the Sartorialist:

Color me thrilled!  Yes, I wore pants like these in the 70’s as a very young woman and I normally don’t find the need to repeat fashions ( 80’s leggings are just one of the items that will never grace my body again), but this is something I can get my teeth into.  A gracefully flared pant or jean with a romantically tailored top or jacket (or sweater, of course) can literally go anywhere, any time.

And of course, you must have the appropriate  Kork-Ease shoes to complete the look:

Now I can die happy………. : )

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2 Comments on “Finally! Fashion for the common gal!”

  1. MissMcNastie Says:

    Shouldn’t that be ‘Die Hippy’? I love flares. Why they ever went out of fashion I don’t know. I’m happy that they’re back

  2. Joan S. Says:

    I could have written this blog because you said everything I think! Ah, shoes and pants to die for. Thanks for sharing!

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