WLD Styling Guide: Krista, Two Ways for Day

The Krista Tee is one of my favorite quick-to-knit garments. She delivers a lot of  feminine good looks for just a little effort.

To the left is one of the photos from my book, Knitting Lingerie Style, which shows Krista beautifully styled for day.

I love the tiny shrunken vest juxtaposed over the wider pant and the way the lace hem peeks out from below the vest almost as if they were made to be worn together.

If I recall correctly, this outfit was from  H & M.

With Spring and Summer approaching, a Krista Tee should be on everyone’s list for a pretty, fast project destined to be worn on the first bright , warm  day.

 If you can’t wait that long, layer it over a long sleeved tee or blouse for just a little breath of the season to come.

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One Comment on “WLD Styling Guide: Krista, Two Ways for Day”

  1. Evie Says:

    I love your styling guides, they are full of class!

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