WLD Styling Guide: Colette Casual

Colette is a fancy girl with her lace trim and feminine sleeves. Knit in Cascade Soft Spun she’s the best of two worlds;  fitted and flattering + warm and cozy.

So on the next trip to the grocery store or out to your kid’s soccer game,  ditch the old fleece hoodie and pajama pants in favor of something really pretty that makes your jeans look like a million bucks. It really isn’t any more trouble to slip into a colorful stretchy cami, some cute cuffed jeans and Colette. 

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3 Comments on “WLD Styling Guide: Colette Casual”

  1. M Says:

    Very nice, Joan. I like it. I need to keep an eye out for Arden B….

  2. Amy Says:

    This is the kind of look that I keep trying to achieve and never seem to quite pull off. Thank you for the wonderful style advice.

  3. Kim Says:

    This look has tipped Colette over into my queue, and I’m shopping for yarn. Thanks for the inspiration!!

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