One man’s trash…

Not a lot of knitting content today, other than a few pics of some finished garments stacked in a pretty color arrangement.    I really just wanted to show some pics of some of the favorite things lying around my house, some (most actually) of which I’ve collected at yard sales and thrift shops.     

There is also some of my artwork from my Frederick’s of Hollywood days, my current inspiration board in my office and some of the brooches my husband made from vintage buttons and buckes.  Enjoy!

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One Comment on “One man’s trash…”

  1. tanyadiva Says:

    You know, Joan, your place looks a lot like mine, including the cat sitting on the quilt. Only mine’s a little messier right now, all the vintage goodies are in boxes, waiting to be sold.

    Meeting you at TNNA last year was one of the highlights of my brief time in the LYS biz. Your the bestest!

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