Stitches West-2009

For those of you knitters who have never been to a Stitches event, you really must try to get to one if for nothing else but the shopping experience the marketplace provides.  It is true fiber-sensory overload and not to be missed!

If you find yourself in or near Santa Clara, California on February 27th,  here’s a discount coupon to help get you in. Right click on it to print.


White Lies Designs will be in booth # 92 this year, right along the front wall.

This is one of the newest styles I’ll be showing;  sexy Victorian inspired over-the-knee stockings.

Worked from the toe  up on size 3 needles in our own hand dyed superwash wool, the Marlaina stockings are a  surprisingly quick and entertaining knit.stocking2

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5 Comments on “Stitches West-2009”

  1. Yarn Thing Says:

    HOLY SH*T…are those named after me? You know I am Marlaina Right? Spelled just like that!!


  2. Cher Says:

    Wow! Those are dead sexy! I’m *totally* impressed. You always do such lovely work. (I’m just waiting for Book #2!)

  3. LynnH Says:

    Gorgeous, just beautiful!

    There is no California for me, but maybe Florida in a few weeks to see Mom and my in-laws. If I’m lucky, that is.

    I cast on for a Shapely Tank a few days ago. I’ve wanted to do one for years. So far, it’s lovely. Thanks!

    LynnH in Lansing, MI where it snowed, AGAIN.

  4. Amie Says:

    Those are some fierce socks. LOVE!!!!!!!

  5. Shay Says:


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