Style has No Expiration Date

The appreciation for style and fashion has  been a part of my constitution as far back as I can recall.  I was knitting and crocheting myself  accessories as an eight-year old and sewing my own versions of the current fashions at 12.  Though we weren’t a financially  well-off family,  it was understood that if  I wanted fabric or yarn to make things with, all I needed to do was ask.  So I dressed myself, my parents and the family cats as long as they would stand still.

I do the same thing now on a somewhat wider scale.  I’ve dressed the general public in my 25+ year career as a professional clothing designer and currently people enjoy making and wearing my knitwear styles.  I still dress the family and myself,  paying attention to color and shape to help everyone look their best.

I can’t imagine  this would ever change,  even into my golden years.  I just love color, texture and fabrics ;  making things and dressing people . 

So I was delighted to find this wonderful blog that is essentially a look-book of  Senior Style.  These 55+ folks still enjoy playing with color, texture and pattern and there is such a freedom and joy about their fashion sense.

  It’s so  not about the latest advertised “it” bag,  communicating a social status via a lot of bling or  displaying  one’s new breast implants.   It’s all about humor,  appropriateness  and putting a personal stamp of style on the external expression of who they are.  These people seem so comfortable in their skin and as an extension, comfortable in their clothing. 

 I find this a very refreshing change from the broody, moody esthetic of many current fashion magazines that take themselves so seriously and the narrow body image parameters that the rest of the media bombards us with.   There’s a lot to be said for getting older.

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3 Comments on “Style has No Expiration Date”

  1. TracyKM Says:

    I read a blog by a machine knitter (although he does a lot of other stuff on the blog) and he’s quite stylish. You’ve got to admire a middle aged man who can dress head to toe in orange!

  2. garilynn Says:

    I have been watching Korean dramas online recently while knitting a 120″ by 120″ garter square blanket. (why I am knitting this behemoth in the beginning of the Texas summer is another story) I’m impressed by the wonderful styles that they have for the over 50 women. The styles are mature with flattering lines and colors.

  3. Sharon Says:

    They look Fabulous!!

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