No Cold Shoulder for Pads!

If you lived through the 1980’s you’ll probably find it unbelievable that shoulder pads are creeping their way back onto fashion runways and into the streets of Paris.

Before you decide that this look is one that won’t see an encore in your wardrobe, don’t be too hasty in dismissing the possibilities.

Consider your body type. Do you have small, sloping or rounded shoulders? Are you a bit thick in the waist or heavy in the hips and/or thighs?

Shoulder pads, used judiciously of course, can be a boon to those who have these figure types. A small shoulder pad in your jacket or sweater can visually correct your figure and give it a more balanced and proportional look.

Any fabric store should carry a variety of styles in shoulder pads. Look for those that are slightly rounded to the outer part of the shoulder (rather than a sharp angle) and are ½” or less at their thickest part. These will give the most natural look while giving your figure the most subtle of lifts.


When inserting these in your garment, be sure they extend slightly beyond the end of your natural shoulder. Tack them invisibly to the shoulder seam and armhole seam.

You’ll be amazed at difference just this tiny change can make in the way your clothes look and fit.





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One Comment on “No Cold Shoulder for Pads!”

  1. LynnH Says:

    I am totally with you. I am a small girl with curves and rounded, small shoulders. Shoulder pads are my friend when fashion allows. They always are appropriate in jackets and wool coats, but I love how a sweater hangs better from a structure even when the pads are small.

    I’m glad to hit 50 and not care if other folks like my look. If I like it, it’s my style and I’m good with that!


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