Muy Caliente!!!

It’s just mid-May and yet here in Sacramento we’re looking at 104 degrees today.

I loathe this type of hot weather. It makes me melt even though my home is air conditioned. A sort of cabin fever sets in on my household. We get tired of breathing canned air and the family becomes snappy and moody quite rapidly.

So, to get away from it all, I hang out in my favorite corner with some DVDs and knit.

 What does one knit in 100+ degree weather without getting themselves psychologically heated up? Small items, preferably without sleeves, preferably in cotton or silk.

Maybe like this:

Meet Delilah,  our pretty new lingerie set. Make her for yourself or as a wonderful shower gift.


Speaking of lingerie,  I’ll be at Fashion-Knit in Walnut Creek, California on July 14th giving a class on making your own lingerie, nighties and other intimate designs!

 “Fundies” will give you great ideas and techniques for adding lovely little pieces to your own lingerie wardrobe. Students will make either a cool cotton panty or a pretty bridal garter for their class project.  What a great way to continue knitting right through summer!!

Call now to reserve your space: (925)-943-3994

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4 Comments on “Muy Caliente!!!”

  1. Amie Says:

    Super cute set!

  2. blather Says:

    blather says : I absolutely agree with this !

  3. Becki Says:

    Ruby is the first sweater in months that I just know I need to knit immediately. I can’t wait until it comes out!

  4. Scarlet Says:

    What a lovely lingerie set, I may just have to knit it for my 11th wedding anniversary!!



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