The Making of Knitting Lingerie Style-part 2

People have asked me what goes into having a book published. I can only speak for my own experience, but one of the things I hear of  potential authors doing is essentially writing their entire book and only then when it’s finished, shopping it around to different publishers to see who might be interested.

Most publishing companies have a pretty good idea of the demographics of their customers. They shoot for a particular age group, income level , education level , etc. Consequently, while a publisher might like your concept in general, there might be a whole lot of re-writing to do before a book becomes suitable for their demographic profile.

This is why when shopping an idea around, it’s best to use a proposal to convey your concept rather than submit a completed manuscript. Writing a proposal is an art unto itself thatI won’t go into too much of here since I’m sure there are endless guidelines on the net as to how to write one, and each publisher can likely provide an outline of what they’d like to see for their specific customer.

When writing the proposal for Knitting Lingerie Style, one of the concepts I was to defend was the commercial viability of a knitting book with lingerie as it’s subject.  I did this by scouring the internet for trend reports , and current fashion magazines and recent runway shows for garments that used lingerie ideas as their inspiration. If  lingerie was happening in such a big way in the ready-to-wear market, there was no reason that the concept should not carry over to knitting.

I found the influence everywhere, from the runway to Sex and the City and places in between.


The unique part of this idea would be to use knitting to translate this trend.  I’d done it before in my own White Lies Designs line.  But could I do  whole book based on this ? I began to sketch and formulate ideas. Some of those sketches next time.

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