What (White) Lies Beneath…

People see our ads in knitting magazines and think we’re  a large company with a huge staff housed in a corporate headquarters somewhere.

I’m going to blow our cover and tell the world it just ain’t so. We are a mom and pop business run by my husband and I out of our ranch style home in a quiet suburb of Sacramento, Ca.

Our autistic 17 year old son works in the business too; he stuffs patterns, labels yarns and helps with shipping. As nice as a corporate headquarters might be, we’re just not there yet.  I can’t say that I’m too sorry about that, plus I enjoy the fact that my commute takes all of 45 seconds every morning; from bedroom to office with a detour only to the kitchen for  my morning tea.

True, we have a lot of dedicated square footage just for business purposes. Dyeing, yarn storage, packing and shipping space, and office areas are used every day and there just isn’t a lot of crossover with personal space.

Except for my knitting corner, that is.

In any event, here are a few photos of White Lies Designs from the inside.

My husband with his IPod, winding some freshly dyed-and-dried hand dye.

More hand dyed yarn drying by the wood stove.

My inspiration board above my desk.

The mannequin on my desk with a work-in-progress.

It is a life that we just love. I think we work longer hours than most people in regular 9 to 5 jobs, but the benefits are huge. I get to knit every day!

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3 Comments on “What (White) Lies Beneath…”

  1. stitchdom Says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere Joan – I love your designs (and keep looking for time in my knitting “schedule” to tackle one). I think your business looks great – a far cry from my cubicle in the sky!

  2. angeles Says:

    I love your designs. Have made several of them and look forward to your new creations. Thanks for creating knit designs that look good and are enjoyable to make.

  3. Cristina Pianezzola Says:

    Joan ,you just confirmed what I suspected long ago. A maverik, doing her own thing, her own way. I knit in meetings at work. At first it was to their absolute horror. Once they realized that I am a task oriented person and get very frustrated over the waste of time in meetings, they started to encourage me. Now they are jealous. I have yet to tackle one of your designs in a meeting though. I can just not count and talk and to be honest, if any of the boys got wind of what the end product was it would ruin my hard core attorney image. Can you see it now?

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