Personal Knitting

When one is in the business of producing knitting patterns for sale, they find that personal knitting time becomes  almost non-existent.  I do like to knit my own samples as I can tweak fit and construction on the needles, and then write those changes into the pattern.  I’m not complaining  mind you, it’s just that when you knit for a living, any non-commercial knitting project becomes a luxury.

I do find some time to knit for myself, and the way I can justify it is to knit up my own designs in my own size to wear at shows,  for teaching gigs and booksigning appearances. I am also able to hurry things along sometimes by using my knitting machine, a simple-to-use LK 150.

Below, my version of the Colette Jacket in Cranberry. The back and upper sleeves all done on the knitting machine, the rest by hand, finished in the space of a week.


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