Knittus Cattimus Interrupti

I don’t frequently have the time to knit other designers patterns but sometimes my needles are itching to just knit without thinking too much. That’s when I begin to look around and see what others are doing that might fit into my wardobe.  I’d been wanting some kind of scarf wrap thingy and when I saw this I decided it really fit the bill.  Easy knitting, lots of garter stitch; in short, just the ticket.

Modern quilt wrap

This is the Modern Quilt Wrap by Mags Kandis and it’s a free pattern available on Knitting Daily.

I gleefully dragged out a large basket of assorted mohairs that I’ve been collecting over the last few years , chose a lovely palette that were brights contrasting with darker colors and began my mitered squares. I figured this would be something to wear when it’s chilly in the car, at the movies when the AC is too high, in the evening with my jean jacket when my husband and I go for walks. Little did I realize, someone else in the house had designs on my wrap.

Every time I was putting this down during the knitting, our cat would climb aboard.  I then recalled that almost every cat I have ever had has been inexplicably drawn to mohair.  As the wrap grew larger, she became more insistent.   My husband finally said, “You know she thinks that’s hers, right?” I didn’t want to admit he was right,  as at this point the wrap measured about 24″ x 24″ and I had invested  a few days of knitting into it already. But whenever I was working on it she would come and wait patiently for me to put it down , then settle her plump butt right on top of it,  needles and all. 

  I could no longer kid myself that I would be able to finish this out to the full 72″ that I wanted ( or even that it was mine ) , and so it stays at the perfect size for a kitten blanket.

kitten blanket

Update, March 2008:   This fickle creature has completely rejected the kitten blanket after kneading it into shreads. I am so annoyed. I never should have given in to her!

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One Comment on “Knittus Cattimus Interrupti”

  1. Danielle Says:

    And what a cute kitten it is!!! Aww! She/he looks all cross-eyed in a confused and cute sort of way. :>

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