Better late than never…

Ok, so I’m a bit late to the blogging party.  I do enjoy reading other folks’ blogs, and not just the knitting ones. I’ve discovered the sewing blogs as well!

I come from a sewing background and have always made my own clothes and home furnishings when I could. However, I  burnt myself out many years back when I had a custom bridal wear business. Even though the Bridezilla culture was not yet in full swing at the time, I still ran into some doozies. Between the hard work of doing a *lot* of hand beading and dealing with the egos and personalities of brides-to-be, I made the decision that sewing just wasn’t much fun for me anymore.

Many years have passed now and reading all the great sewing blogs have given me back the enthusiasm that left me so long ago. As a result, some of my knitting designs do include some sewing projects as well. Below, a knit/sew project from my book Knitting Lingerie Style.

This knitted nightie is made from a linen yarn and chiffon fabric, but cotton yarn and fabric would be a comfy, cool alternative.

Knitted/sewn nightgown from Knitting Lingerie Style

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